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Make Money from Home $$$

Hello Shanty Town readers! Todays blog is all about making money from home. I have found a few websites that are legitimate ways to make a little extra income in your spare time. They are all free to join and easy to use. All of the sites I will be listing are ones I use myself and have received earnings from. 

Cash Crates – Cash crate is an easy to use site that lets you earn money by completing offers (many of them are 100% free) taking surveys, watching videos and even earning a percentage back from websites you may already shop at online. You can also play games for points that you can exchange for prizes and offers. It’s not a huge payout I made $3 in 20 minutes but it can add up especially if you often shop online. Once your account reaches $20 you are given a check for that amount. Join now and you will automatically be credited one dollar!

 You Data – This is my lowest paying site but it pays weekly sending the money earned directly to your paypal account. Basically when you sign up, you answer a few questions about your interests and the site matches you with advertisements that you might be interested in based on your responses. You get paid for each one you watch and each website link you visit.

Hits for Pay –  After you make your free account you receive a $5.00 sign on bonus immediately. Every day or so websites that pay you for your time are sent to your hits for pay inbox on the site. Every website that you view by clicking on the ad link (or button) is a ‘Paid Ad’. While viewing and reading the advertiser website, you must wait up to 60 seconds on the page to be ‘credited’. Each credit that you earn is worth up to 2¢. When you account reaches $25 or more you are paid via paypal between the 15th and 25th of each month.

None of these sites are likely to make you rich but they do add up. I plan on using my extra earnings this month to help fund my new at home business. What are you going to do with yours? If you know of any other good sites I would love to hear about them!

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