Women – The quest for the perfect excuse

I get a lot of my ideas for blogs from things I run across online and I’ve noticed a growing trend in articles about women and their growing need and desire to be ‘perfect’.  I will often skim the article and head down to the comment section, where the meat is and see what others who I assume are everyday people like myself have to say.  With those people in mind I’ve written todays blog in the interest of Women – the quest for the perfect excuse.


Women. Ah, where to begin. Men have tried to understand us for centuries with little success. But I wonder do we really even know ourselves?  It seems the people of today have very different and complex ideals of what it means to really be a woman.  Most of us have an image in our minds of course of a stepford wife type who is always just so cleaning the house, cooking and keeping up with the kids. Which is a wonderful fantasy but in today’s world achieving this type of lifestyle can be a bit daunting. Especially since studies show that a majority of the states have both partners working full-time.


I’d like to tell you  Don’t Worry. Just take a minute relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Here.



Now. Time for the tough love you knew it was coming right? Or did you think this was another one of those clichéd women are treated so badly articles. Some of you might want to stop reading now go ahead, I understand. Not everyone can handle what I have to say.  I’ve compiled a top five list of excuses we use to lie to ourselves everyday to avoid what is to be out new mantra. Say it with me  “Personal Responsibility.”   Thank you dad for that little pearl of wisdom. Personal Responsibility is something we all like to forget about. Lets sweep it under the rug and pile the boxes of “But so and so never helps me.”  “But I work.” “It will just get messy again” “I’m to unorganised.” and my all time favorite “I don’t have time.”


You have heard it a thousand times I’m sure, “But I do everything and (husband, wife, kids, ect) never do anything!”  This is where I’m going to start. First of all if you are a stay at home anything you have no right to use this excuse or the I don’t have time excuse.  You do. Stop whining you’re just lazy.  And even if they don’t how are you going to justify living in filth because someone else doesn’t help you clean it? If nothing else have enough respect for yourself not to live that way. You don’t want to be in the next season of Hoarders do you?


You work. That’s great! So does the majority of the country and you’re not any better than they are. Why can’t come home and do a load of laundry that takes maybe five minutes? Then you can go sit on the couch until its time to switch it to the dryer! It’s not like we are still using washboards! Every home appliance is designed for you the user to have to put in as little as possible effort. They do the work for you. Your argument is invalid.


It will just get messy again. Yes it will. Why is this even considered a valid excuse?


Your to unorganised you say? Well keep reading or skip on down to the bottom because I’m going to give you a few tips and links to ways you can get and yes stay organised. I’m excited about it are you?


Finally, “I don’t have time.” I hear this excuse all the time and not just for chores for working out, making dinner, and even for doing something nice for yourself. Well, with 168 hours in week I think we can find time for you!


Alright now come here and let me give you a hug. I still like you really. I understand that sometimes things get so piled up that it is overwhelming and you are busy and really no one helps. I know your frustrations but we should not keep using them as excuses to keep ourselves living in a way that makes us unhappy and unhealthy.  So let’s get to work! Here are so tried and proved ways to get those excuses out of our lives and start really living! Your gonna like the results!


No one helps out you say? Heres an idea give the kids a chore list! Most of them even the small ones can help with something even if it’s just putting away their own toys or making their bed. Will it look perfect? probably not but their small and learning and its one less thing you have to do yourself. Check out Age Approriate Chores for Kids.  Another idea after dinner have each family member rinse their own plates and stick them in the dishwasher you can run the load while you watch tv and they will be dry ready to put away the next morning! If you don’t have a dishwasher just the act of rinsing the plate before it dries will save you five or ten minutes of scrubbing in itself.


Pictured: Not Child Abuse.

So you’re a working woman! Like I said before that’s great. Me to! It doesn’t give you a get out of chores free card though. You can do simple things before and after work that take very little time and keep you house fairly clean. I’m not talking Martha Stewart clean but you won’t have to scurry around frantically when someone calls to say they are popping in. Heres a list of chores you can do in under Twenty Minutes!

Unfortunately yes it will get messy again. That’s just the way it is. But once you have your home under control its easier to spend fifteen or twenty minutes a day and keep it company ready.  Being organised hasn’t always been my strong point either. But with a little help it can become a reality. Some of the easiest ways to get started is by going through your entire house and I mean demolish it and get rid of all the trash and everything you don’t want, need, or havent used in the last year. That way once your ready to clean you’ll have a lot less to sort away. Another good way is to make charts and do certain chores on certain days like vacuum every other day and scrub the bathroom twice a week. This is also a great tool if you’re enlisting the help of your kids and lets face it they need to know how to do this stuff.

 Finding time in a day to do everything is hard but you don’t have to fit everything in one day, spread it out and don’t bog yourself down.  This excuse is the one I am most against. We use it for everything and we need to stop.  Check out these sites to learn about Easy Time Management.



At the end of the week your done. You’ve finished first place! congratulations! After you’ve achieved so much its time to reward yourself. Take some time for you and don’t feel guilty about it this is your day. You can take two hours for a massage and facial. Dress to the nines and go out to eat with your family! No dishes and quality time!  You are a strong, beautiful person and you need to stop making excuses and realise that Yes you can be the woman you want to be chances are those around already see you that way.


2 comments on “Women – The quest for the perfect excuse

  1. Kristi says:

    Hey there! I like this article. I don’t have much of a problem here (SAH, homeschooling mom—lots of time) but I know I have used these excuses before when things were overwhelming, and every now and then when I’m ‘in a mood’ (peri-menopause here, bleh) I think about how no one helps me (ha ha, then someone comes in and offers). I think you are basically on-point—we just need to make a plan and carry it out. Whining takes up time too, and just think of all we could be getting done if we chuck the whinin’ and get to chorin’. 🙂

    • I am happy that you enjoyed my post. I have had mixed views of this article but I agree that it it pretty much on point. A lot of people have lost a sense of personal responsibility and self pride these days. Thank you for your support.

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