Sometimes I wonder..

Sometimes I wonder in my mind to that passing stranger with whom I have locked eyes if only for a moment, a fleeting longing glance in my direction, Am I the one you are seeking?  My thoughts clouded like waking from a dream. You could swear that you have known me , loved me, shared joy and pain with me. No need to speak to confirm these things you know as well as I. We grew up together you were with me, a boy or girl with me and I with you. We ate and played and slept together, though our bodies have become not our own.  It is not our place to speak only to think of each other in quiet times when we are alone.



Have you ever felt like you have known someone you just met for your whole life?  Do you think souls of friends, family, and lovers from past lives can come back and encounter us in this one?  I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.


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