Beach Bodies Workouts

 Summer is over your probably not going to be in a bikini for another four or five months.  During the cold winter months working out hardly seems worth it but i feel it is one of the most important times to do so. We are bombarded with candy at Halloween and tons of food and sweets  at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Staying fit year round is not only good for you but it will give you a head start next year and you can focus your new years resolutions on something other than diet and exercise. These are some of the workouts that I use. I urge you to join me throughout the winter in keeping our beach bodies strong and healthy. 


1. The Spartacus Challenge.  This routine has been getting a lot of attention lately.  I have completed the workout shown twice and can definitely say that you can feel it afterwords. Be sure to stretch out those muscles while your cooling down or your legs will hate you for a few days!


2. Body Rock.   This site follows one of my favorite fitness instructors Zuzana through new workouts each time.  Her body is amazing and she keeps it that way by doing only the workouts she shares on her site. Dont worry if the routines seem hard she often offers modifications of these steps for beginners. There are food recipes, and other support on the site as well.  This has been my go to page for a quick workout routine for the last couple of years.


3.  All about the six-pack .This is a routine I recently ran across while playing online that I thought was really fun and easy enough even for beginners. This is a quick 12 minute workout all you need is a couch and the will power. This is the routine I will be using along with The Spartacus Challenge and some of Zuzanas routines in the next two weeks. Enjoy.



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